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  • Do You Deliver? local and National /International
    local deliveries can be arranged over the phone and will normally be free within 15 miles (Subject to size of item). National deliveries can also be arranged over E-mail. International is calculated on delivery time, paperwork and carry costs. (Costs is dependent on size of item and distance). EG: If a stamp/coin, there be no charge (unless high value secured delivery required) If larger furniture, then as above.
  • Do You Do Estate Clearances?
    Yes we do Estate and house clearances ,subject to veiwing goods and avalible storage. for terms and condition please see Valuation .
  • Do You Purchase Direct From The Public?
    We do buy goods direct from the public and trade, items that are bought into store or those that are within a 30 mile radius. Please keep in mind the offered is normally cash and will be less than the retail price. or a price you may see on ebay !! Time is spent to evaluating the goods or items , Based on Knowledge Experience and research and last market forces. Some swapping or trading items can be available, If of Mutual interests to both parties.
  • Do You Do Finance Or Credit?
    We are not licensed for finance or credit facilities, all goods must be paid for on account at the time of purchase. Method of payment is Cash ,Bank or Credit card or by Bank transfer with delivery on cleared funds only. Deposits Can be left on items to "Reserve as Sold" for upto 30 days,If there is no contact or sale is not conculded at the end of this time.The item will go back on sale with loss of a % or all of the deposit. (size related) Desposit are normally min 10% value of goods.
  • Do You Give Valuations or Appraisals ?
    We are happy to give insurance /selling appraisals and valuations on antiques, art ,stamps ,cions or any collectables. Prices are valid at the time of viewing due market changes . Dependent on the size or quantity of items I charge upto £25.00 per hour for full indepth written appraisal 5% of the value of the overall goods. Please read purchasing items as well.
  • sending photo's by phone/email
    If you would like item to be looked at by use of sending pictures , this is fine however , We can only see what on the picture provided. 1/ please use everday object next to the item eg : tape measure /£1 coin/ a pen/keys/a family car for sizeing. 2/ please use colour photo's /video . 3/ photograph from all sides ,top and bottom. 4/ place item should be clear and on neutral or soft colour back ground if you can please. These Tips will give you the best results . send to or what app +44( 0)7896341596. please give time upto a few days to send written answers.
  • Purchasing from our Web site .
    You are welcome to Purchase from our Website. Please use the Secure card payment set up on the site. T&C Bank transfers or Pay Pal would have to be on cleared funds. If items have been sold or are out of stock a full refund will be given immediately. Allow up to 28 days for processing and delivery based on location e.g; local, National or International. Items will be securely package with royal mail or carrier transportation. "Furniture and large goods ". Will not be sent International, Unless the extra transportation costs are covered by the buyer.

Frequently Asked Questions

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